Great Wines of Italy 2017

James Suckling needs no introduction into the Wine World. Wine Club Miami made their entrance into the sold out event to only find hand selected array of top wine makers, producers and owners of Italy’s best wines. Held at the historic Moore Building in Miami’s Design District was the proper location for hosting this event. Predominately Italian was being spoken but the main language was Italian wine.

Upon walking into the main room, you are immediately ready for your first glass of Franciacorta. This traditional method “metodo classico” of this sparkling wine is of no other. It is mostly of Chardonnay and hand crafted to perfection. By looking at the bubbles fizz you know that it is high quality. Either it be a vintage or non-vintage, they are a “Spumante” to be of high standards. We “cin can” (Italian for Cheers) each other and continue the tour.
There were over 150 bottles to sample. Mostly leaning towards the Tuscan area but James knows his wines. This tour was from the hard to find Barolos to the delicacy of the Nero d’Avolas. If you don’t know what I mean by that, it is saying from the northern to the southern wines. This event was what Italian wine is about. Old World, refined wine making, historic production, aged vines, soil that in admirable and the list goes on.

Wesley Castellanos visiting the Antinori table

This was a tour of Italy that only Mr. Suckling can collaborate into one room. Wine Club Miami was ever so grateful to have spent a few hours to experience most of Italy’s top wines. Wine Club Miami graciasly thanks James and his team, along with the collaborators to make this experience one of the best someone can experience.

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