April ’15 Pinot Noir – France and USA

The Pinot Noir is such a fine grape. It is sensitive, soft, and subtle but tenacious enough to grow in may areas. France, Italy, Romania, Argentina, USA. All this while the list can continue on.

April was dedicated to the Pinot grape. Wineclubmiami are highly over obsessive oenophiles. We bow down and praise to Bacchus & Dionysus for the libations. Then the ohms begin. Unless it’s just me who does this.

Hosting this month’s tasting was Pauly aka Padrino. His historic Miami Villa felt as we were entered into a time lapse with all the intricate hand tooled details softly distressed but well maintained. This added charm our evening needed. We began to settle inside his formal dining room filled with his eclectic art collection framed to compliement each piece.

Our first glass was accompanied with soft cheeses, dried fruits, fresh baguette and quality EVOO.

May Pinot Noir

The blind tasting begins.

Brown bag #1. – Brick ruby, high alcohol. Heat on the nose that made me cough. Slow legs. Sandlewood we presumed French oak. Slight tartness. It was definitely Old World. Complex but opened well.

Brown bag #2. – Ruby red, small rim variation. Strong bouquet. Black cherry, soft body. Subtle alcohol on the palate. I felt this was classic old world.

Brown bag #3. – Brick color and murky. Dull shine on the surface. Less viscosity from the prior. I felt we transition the styles. Very earthy nose of soil and . Long finish with hints of leather. A robust wine

Brown bag #4 – Ruby. Bright. A young looking wine. Soft mushroom nose. Sour and textured finish.

The wines were being paired with a nice top sirloin steak, bakes vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Bottle #1 – ’09 Solena, Domaine Danielle Laurent, Willamette, Oregon. Superb wine! A great bottle. Such a high quality we felt it could pass for Burgundy.

Bottle #2 – ’12 Bergström Wines, Bergstöm Vineyards. Dundee Hills, Oregon

Bottle #3 – ’09 Domaine Faiveley, Clos De Vougeot Grand Cru, Burgundy

Bottle #4 – ’12 Domaine Stephane Magnien, Morey-Saint-Denis 1st Cru, Cuvee “Aus Petites Nois

May Pinot Noir

We were all surprised about the qualities of these Oregonian wines. The characteristics were of one a French wine producer can accomplish. The Burgundy wines are always true to their quality, when paying the price. However for the price of the Pinots from the US to the Burgundians, I would invest in drinking wines from Oregon to develop your palate.

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