September 2012 Blind Tasting

Chateau Mahmoud was the setting for the September tasting featuring blended whites and reds from California. A great Miami evening set the stage for our monthly blind tasting.


The winning California blended white was the Conundrum 2010 at $19.00 by Cohen/Jewel/Mahmoud with a 5.4 score, and ranked a 7 by our guest Topher Hoffmann. Second place goes to Shenandoah 2010 at $15.50 provided by Tennen/Hege/Gamson/Wesley with a 4.2 score with a 7 by Tohper.

A non blended wine was entered into the tasting and scored the highest ranking for all three wines. The Chappellet 2009 Chardonnay with a score of 5.6 provided by Mosheim/Smith/Issa. A terrific non-oaky well balance Chardonnay.

These whites were a mixed bag with the group noting various tasting elements including more sweet and fruity, heavy bouquets for winning blended wine and with other blended wine seeming to loose it’s flavor over time and too soft. It should be noted the white tasting was overall very low on all scores and noted as as average or below average.


The winning red blend was the Justin Isosceles 2008 Paso Robles Blend at $49 a bottle provided by Tenen/Hege/Castellanos/Gamson with a 8.22 ranking and scored a 7 by Topher Hoffmann. Second place was awarded to the Girard Napa Valley Artistry 2008 and scored a 7.22 and provided By Mosheim/Smith/Issa and scored a 6 by our guest. The Third place wine is the 2008 Napa Nook scored a 6.55 provided by Cohen/Mahmoud/Jewel and scored a another 6 by our guest, Topher. All three wines were 2008 vintages.

Tasting Notes

from Wesley A. Castellanos

White California Blend

1. Minerals and steel nose, stones and lead taste, a tight crisp finish 5pts.  Lacks body and texture
2. Light Apricot and lemon vest, kiwi and ripe peace, crisp finish 6pts.  Good character.
3. Soft toast oak nose with hints minerals on the palate, soft finish. 5pts. A lesser competitor..

Reds California Blends

1. Flowers, earth, ripe cherries and powerful nose, spice sweet and soft body sharp taste, and smooth finish. Keeps transforming. 9pts Impressive….Ready to drink but can age a few more years.
2. Light soil and metal nose, lacks body, dry pepper warm finish. 5 pts.  I can find the notes, but not impressive.
3. Lilly lilac nose, oak nose, wheat alcohol taste and light body, crisp finish. 8pts. A “beautiful” wine.  Not overpowering elements. Great Character….

Terrific selection and excellent food pairings as everyone scored high on these well enjoyed wines with above average rankings along with an exceptional 8.22 for the Justin. Well done Cohen/Mahmuod/Issa for a nice blind and a great night.

Get ready for the October tasting, with information coming up.

Best, your wine captain! MH