March Blind Tasting – Italian Reds

Wine Club Miami Italian Red Blind Tasting

The March 2023 meeting of Wine Club Miami brought members together for a Blind Tasting of Italian Reds at the Miami Yacht Club thanks to an invite from Commodore Mark Ingraham.

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Jesus supplied six wines under the cover of foil – three Nebiolo, one Barbera, one Sangiovese and one Cabernet Franc. Three wines were under $60 and the other three over $100. Members were tasked with determining the grape, price and age of each.

Wine Club Miami Italian Red Blind Tasting

Wine Club Miami Italian Red Blind Tasting

Beneath to foil, in the order of tasting, the wines were:

#1. 2017 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Del Commune Di La Morra
(Nebiolo) $165

#2. 2007 Paolo Scavino Bric de Fiasc
(Nebiolo) $120

#3. 2015 Arpepe Valtellina Superiore Sassella ‘Stella Retica’
(Nebiolo) $56

#4. 2015 Proprieta Sperino ‘L Franc Bandir Vino da Tavola
(Cabernet Franc) $115

#5. 2018 Fontodi Chianti Classico – Tuscany
(Sangiovese) $44

#6. 2018 Alberto Voerzio Barbera D’Alba La Morra – Piedmont
(Barbera) $40

Wine Club Miami Italian Red Blind Tasting

How’d we do? No one got all the wines, ages and prices right, but most members were close. We all agreed it was a great exercise of our tasting agility and when it comes to fine wine, we’re alweays ready to give out tastebuds a challenge.

Wine Club Miami Italian Red Blind Tasting

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