August 2012 Blind Tasting

Enjoyable wine night and Mandolin was a perfect setting for our Albarino and Priorat tasting. Many thanks to Abraham and his team for arranging and the staff at Mandolin for terrific Greek cuisine with no corkage!


The winning Albarino was the Las Canan, 2011 Rias Baixas provided by Smith/Mosheim/Issa with a 7.11. Second goes to Fidosela 2010 Consecha Rias Baixas with a score of 6.5 provided by Tennen/Hege/Gamson/Wesley-last name Third place goes to Nessa, 2011 Riax Biaxas with a score of 6.11 provided by Cohen/Mahmoud/Jewel

These whites were well liked with the group noting various tasting elements including subtle fruits and minerals with a soft and easy drinkability. It should be noted that this white blind tasting had the tightest scoring noted as all wines were slightly separated with a few members in scoring with mostly above average scores.


The winning Prioat was the Mas D’EN Compte 2007 with an overall score of 8.11 provided by Cohen/Jewel/Mahmoud. Second place was awarded to Plaret 2004(more info if you have a photo)and scored a 8 provided by Tennen/Hege/Gamson/Wesley as a last minuet just in time addition. Third place wine is the Gotes 2010 and scored a 6.7 provided by Smith/Mosheim/Issa.

Lush full bodied wines with a fruit forward with a strong influence of Grenache coming thru. Another nice red tasting with wines that were exceptional. Hat’s off to Paul and his team for picking terrific wines to learn about and enjoy.

Tasting Notes

from Wesley A. Castellanos


1. Soft touch of grapefruit with crisp green apple nose, peach fuzz hints, light body, mineral finish. 8
2. Apricot and mineral nose, soft light body that offers hints of stone fruit, bitter mineral finish. 7
3. Star fruit with mineral nose, dry mineral taste and finish. 7.5


1. Ripe cherry with a sweet oak nose, full body. Great finish. 8
2. Oaky cherry, soft and balanced body with tart taste, Soft Tar and coal finish. 7
3. Toasty and oak nose, soft body with dry taste, no structure. 5

We are getting set for our next blind tasting in September with Mahmoud/Cohen/Jewel hosting at Saad’s casa with a confirmed date of September 18th. Wine details to follow.

Until then, your wine captain! MH