Chateau Montelena Celebrates 50 Years!

Our good friends at Chateau Montelena celebrate 50 years under the creative stewardship of the Barrett Family including their epic victory in the ‘Judgement of Paris’ in 1976. Cheers to many more great vintages.


February 2013 Tasting “Knock your socks off”

Tuesday, February 26th

As the club raises their sail, the group is asked a simple question.

“Which bottle will knock a taster’s socks off?”  Meaning, which wine has the most intensity, full body and power to overwhelm all other wines?

Wine Club Miami February 2013Members were paired to start the search.   Two bottles came from Napa Valley.  We can all agree that the characteristics of a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley were right for the tasting, but you’ll be surprised where they ended up in our list.   However the successor was the generous Joseph Phelps, Insignia 2001.  In comparison to the rest, it shined brightly beside the others from the beginning and transformed in to a graceful giant as the winner.   The award was given to Jeff Tennen and Andrew Cohen, something tells us that this duo is prepared for a challenge and know how to impress a sophisticated wine group.  We paired the exotic flavors of Mandolin’s Aegean Bistro to compliment the favors of Food & Wine pairing.

Each bottle was placed in specially crafted silk cover and general notes were collected.  Find which bottles matched the colors further below.

  1. Gold – Ripe Cherry, Robust and tannic. Crisp finish (5.7pts.)
  2. Green – Vanilla Bean, light body and crisp finish (6.5pts.)
  3. Red – Earthy Nose, light body soft tannins and long acidic finish (5.4pts.)
  4. Copper – Earthy and cherry. Full bodied and strong long finish. (8.2pts.)


  1. Chateau Longoa Batron  – Saint-Julien 2005-  Bordeaux, France $65.
  2. Two Hands – Max’s Garden Heathcote 2006 – Shiraz  – Victoria, Australia $67.
  3. Chateau Montelena  – Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 – Napa Valley, California $60.
  4. Joseph Phelps  – Insignia 2001 – Napa Valley, California $175.

Wine Club Miami February 2013

With two guests, they provided wines for sampling, Roger Sabon, Chateauneuf  Du Pape 2003, France & Villa Di Cecciano, Chianti Classico 2006, Italy.  The Roger Sabon was a classic Du Pape of the ’03 vintage having excellent balance and a soft nose.  The Villa Di Cecciano tasted impeccably.  The powerful nose and robust flavor was a solid Chianti.  This Chianti was so unique that it will be regarded as an outstanding buy.  We suggest to try it as it is one of a kind.  This wine raises the bar and is why Chianti is a leader of Old World Wines.  Thank you Mr. David. Yaris and Mr. Chris Caplan.

Wine Club Miami February 2013