Wine Club Miami Annual Holiday Event


13_WineClubMiami_12_077It’s that time of year… The end.  We had a memorable year in our tastings.  The “Collector’s” tastings are still hovering in our minds.  We don’t name drop so please review our tastings.  January & March tastings brought us wines that made fulfill items to the “bucket list”.

As Wine Club Miami created an evening of fine dining and entertainment, we selected wines that would recap our year.  Let’s face it, a year of snubbing the wine and saying, “it’s ok” to what people would hardly have a chance to drink (limited production) comes to pause as we mostly enjoy the time with family and friends.

Tuyo allowed us to start gathering in their Wine/Cooking Theater.  We sipped on Piper-Heidsieck Magnums and sampled Hors d’oeuvres.  Wesley Castellanos thanked the club for a stupendous 2013 year and began his swan dance.  Following the gratitude, Wesley announced Stephen Gamson as the new president for Wine Club Miami 2014.


Stephen Gamson is an individual who does not shy away from letting the club know what his wine & food palette desires.  He has been with the club for many years and will partake in an active role as President.

Chef Norman Van Aken of Tuyo and the club met prior to assure the dishes and wines complimented each other…

We paired our appetizers with a 2010 William Fevre Chablis les Lys. This wine was delicate with a taste of minerals that exemplified the chardonnay notes.  By know you should know what a French Chardonnay should provide.


The main course was paired with the Rivietto Barolo ’09.  Even though it was extremely young and tight, it softened the powerful flavors of the main.

We drank the Barolo into our desserts which the chocolate mousse or flan was a great match.

The President Gamson elect hosted an after hours event for the club.


Wine Club Miami wishes you all a happy holiday season and please drink wine like it is the last day on earth.



January 2013 Tasting

Collectables at Our Fingertips

Wine Club Miami - January 2013 TastingLadies and gentlemen,

As Wine Club Miami embarks into their 2013 tastings, they have become inspired to find the highest quality wines money can offer. As the new President, Wesley Castellanos guides the way, his course of direction is to experience “once-in-a-lifetime” bottles.   Through the collaborative efforts of the club, our contributions have leveraged us to obtain hard to find wines.

Dryness is the last thing you normally have to worry about in Miami’s humid climate, but five out of six corks broke because of dryness. I blame myself! The level of my excitement rushed. I recommend to gently open under extreme patience. Play some classical music and open with the most delicate of hands.  — Wesley

Wine Club Miami new and past presidents, Wesley Castellanos and Matt Hege
Wine Club Miami new and past presidents, Wesley Castellanos and Matt Hege


2000 Matriarch, Bond Estates, Napa Valley

WINE NOTES: Deep ruby color, sugars apparent in the direct light with some slight sediment.  Spicy nose, freshly cracked black pepper, vanilla bean, ripe cherries, high alcohol on the palate, with the most delicate tannins.  A long silky finish. This gem can age another 5-10 years.  One of the most impressive wines I had. W.C.

Wine Club Miami - January 2013 Tasting

2000 The Maiden, Harlan Estates, Napa Valley, Red Bordeaux Blend

WINE NOTES: Dark plum red, no sugars or sediment in the light.  Hints of fresh tobacco leaves and ripe cherries on the nose.  A slightly velvety texture that swirled over the palate.  A soft and delicate body.  The finish lasted quite some time as it passed the throat. This bottle has aged to perfection and is ready to drink right now. W.C.

Wine Club Miami has agreed that this Collection is one that will be an impression to last decades.  Great job wine makers!  We commend you on your talents.
Wine Club Miami - January 2013 Tasting
January’s tastings were again hosted by the spectacular Tuyo restaurant in downtown Miami.Wine Club Miami - January 2013 Tasting Wine Club Miami - January 2013 TastingWine Club Miami - January 2013 Tasting


October 2012 Blind Tasting

Terrific evening at Tuyo set the stage for the October tasting of Western Australia Chardonnays and Mclaren Vale Shiraz.


The winning Western Australian white was the Jip Jip Rocks 2011 with a 6.5 score, presented by Mosheim/Issa/Smith. Second place goes to 2010 Evans and  Tate Margaret River with 6.1 score provided  by Jewel/Mahmoud/Cohen  and the third place wine is The Wishing Tree 2009 at 5 score provided by Hege/Tennen/Gamson/Castellanos. Nice white wines that seem off the usual wine path of typical chardonnays. Less oaky and more grape oriented as the tasting notes will allude to.  Low to moderate scores as the group seem to be split on these wines.


The wining red wine in both 1st and 2nd place was the 2010 Blue Eye Boy provided by Tenen/Hege/Castellanos/Gamson and provided by Mosheim/Smith/Issa and scored a  7.1 and 7 respectively. The Third place wine is the Two Hands 2010 Mclaren Vale Angels Share provided by Cohen/Mahmoud/Jewel and scored 6.1.