Champagne and Claws

Wine Club Miami November 2014 Champgne Tasting

Champagne, like it, love it, lets just drink it. It’s that time of year again as the holidays are fast approaching, all the more reason for Wine Club of Miami to have a Champagne tasting. Five selected non vintages, hosted by myself and Andrew Cohen at the gallery space of our President Stephen Gamson. Stone Crabs claw were a fitting menu followed by a Joe’s Key Lime pie brought a terrific tasting and the close of our 8th year of Wine Club Miami!

Wine Club Miami November 2014 Champgne Tasting

A non ranked tasting based on comments from member for the following selected: Laurent -Perrier Brut ($35) Louis De Sacy Brut ($32) Ruinart Blanc de Blancs ($80) Drappier (almost) Blanc de Noirs ($47) Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose ($80)

Enjoyed by all and commented for good balance and subtle complexities seems rule the overall tasting comments. Several were noted with additional comments. Overall it seemed the Laurent was most liked in general for balance and for the nice price. Also commented on uniqueness and taste were the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and the more drier Blanc de Noir. Both of these Blancs seem to be most interesting for excellent taste.

Overwhelming response seems to be enjoyed for the Billecart-Salmon as to the quality of the champagne in an overreaching group consensus as very well liked.

Best, MH

Wine Club Miami November 2014 Champgne Tasting
Event hosts Matt Hege and Andrew Cohen

By Brian Smith

Miami photographer Brian Smith is the luckiest guy on the planet. He won a Pulitzer Prize at 25, told Bill Gates exactly what to do for an entire hour, appeared on The X Factor, exhibited at the Library of Congress, dined with the President and 3,000 of their closest friends, written an Amazon Best Seller, shared cupcakes with Anne Hathaway, gotten drunk with George Clooney and married the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on…

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I agree that it was a nice change of pace to taste champagnes. Personally, my preference was the Drappier. I was surprised that I didn’t particularly like the Billecart-Salmon. Nice job guys!

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