March 2012 Blind Tasting

Another terrific event and many thanks to Abraham for arranging with Gino and his excellent team at LMNT – Our most unique and enjoyable location this year and many thanks for being a part of Vino Miami Wine Club. We missed  Leo and enjoyed the company of our two guests Gino and Eduardo and hope to see them at our next tasting.

It was an interesting wine night with a observation that all tasted wines seem to have the group in a unimpressed mood, with the exception of the winning white wine.  It also should be noted that the reds were all highly rated wines in the 92-95 range- and not resonating in our scores or in our taste buds during this blind event.

Wine Notes:

The  winning white was the tasty and well balance along with terrific drinkability the 2010 Principessa Gavia “Gavi” with a overall score of 8.37 and our guest giving a ranking of 7.5 The winning wine was provided by Cohen/Jewell/Leo nice wine find as several commented on case fees with a bottle price around $14. Other tasted wines were the 2011  TO LE  DA NA  “Gavi” with an overall score of 4.75 and our guest chiming in at 4.5 score. The ill matched and maybe an ill as in corked 2009 Vigneto Ca da Rena Pigato was scored at 1.87 and guests entered in  a solid 1 point  and not cheap at $26 a bottle as a fill in purchased at the last minuet by your vino wine captain.

The winning red wine provided by Mosheim/Mahmoud/Issa/Smith from a set of highly rated wines is the well rounded 2006 Manzone  Barolo Le Gramolere with a overall score of 6.875 and scored a average 5 by our guests. Second place was awarded to the jammy – 2007 Langhe  Viticoltore Nebbiolo at 6.6 and a impressive 7.5 score from our two guests. The 2007 Azelia Barolo was scored at 6.5 and not liked by our guests with O and 7 score by Gino and Eduardo. Tight scores separated these reds from one another and from each wine member, food became a deciding factor once again.

Our next tasting will be April 10th hosted by Cohen/Jewell/Leo as we round out three blinds featuring Italian wines. The red has been changed to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and the white is a Soave from Veneto.

A Wine Question to ponder: What is really in that glass of vino that we love, what do we taste is it fruit, tannis, terroir or moolah- as it seems that our discussion around our recent blind tasting was wine price point as to deciding whether expensive wine equates into a better wine for our blind  or even vertical  tastings.  Here’s a link to some research on the question. An opportunity for us to have more discussion at our next tasting.

Let’s get ready to set the next wine round and wine format as we decide on blinds, verticals  and wine themes and keep the wine flowing.

Best, your wine captain! MH

By Brian Smith

Miami photographer Brian Smith is the luckiest guy on the planet. He won a Pulitzer Prize at 25, told Bill Gates exactly what to do for an entire hour, appeared on The X Factor, exhibited at the Library of Congress, dined with the President and 3,000 of their closest friends, written an Amazon Best Seller, shared cupcakes with Anne Hathaway, gotten drunk with George Clooney and married the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on…

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I think we had a very interesting tasting of wines that most of us don’t drink regularly. I have a feeling that some of the wines were so different from what our palat’s are used to, that the scores suffered. That said, if we are going to standardize our scoring process as group, we should keep in mind that an average wine should probably score between 4-6 points, and a good/excellent wine would score 7 or more points.

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