Why Follow WineClubMiami via the Blog and Instagram?

Many wine writers will often direct you on the path they traveled.  We spend the time to listen to everyone’s experience and paths’ to conclude what we would consider the best route.

Wine Club Miami is a group of wine lovers that try all types of wine to educate you with.  Each member of the team has their preferences.   I think we all can agree that Mr. James Suckling will never leave Europe.

When we try a wine we beginning by pooling our thoughts and feelings.  Then by combining our personal experiences we all agree amonst the group.  We sometimes agree to disagree but we do take that experience into consideration for our blog.

What is the wine telling you?  Unless you drink often enough and experiment, you can not create a conversation with the wine.  However we often do.  We try not to lead you into what Andrew C. or David Y. may think, but rather to what WineClubMiami says.

We stand by our tastings!  Most importantly, we spend this time to prepare you for your tastings.

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My name is Sandra and I handle the PR and Mktg for Wine & Tigella, an Italian restaurant in Miami Downtown.
We would like to contact you to understand if we could collaborate with wine events.
My cell is 786-899-7760
Thank you and regards,


I just move to Miami and I was wondering if your club if your club is open for signing in or just close for friends.



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